Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Jordan was designed in 1921 and adopted as the state’s official seal in 1934.

Royal Hashemite Crown

Symbolising that the system of government in Jordan is a monarchy, the golden Royal Hashemite Crown is adorned at the top of the Coat of Arms by the tip of a spear that represents the Hashemite Banner. The Crown is composed of five intertwining sides linked by rings that rest on a base decorated with rubies and emeralds. On top of the base rest five lotus flowers, symbolising purity.



The Royal Hashemite Crown rests on the sash, which represents the Royal Hashemite Throne. The sash is crimson velvet on the outside, lined with white silk, to symbolise sacrifice and purity.

The sash is trimmed in a fringe of golden threads and gathered on either side with golden tasselled cords to reveal a white silk lining.


Two Banners

The two flags are the Great Arab Revolt banner. The length of each flag is twice its width, and each is divided horizontally into three equal parts: the upper black panel, the middle green panel and the lower white panel. The crimson chevron is placed at the hoist. Its base is equal to the width of the flag, and its height is half the flag’s length.


The eagle represents power, fortitude and loftiness. Its colour refers to the banner and turban of Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings be upon him. The eagle stands on the globe, its wings spread wide, touching the banners on both ends. The eagle’s head faces its right.


Blue in colour, the globe signifies the spread of Islam and its civilisation across the world.

Arabic Weaponry

A bronze shield is decorated with a chrysanthemum, a common motif in Arabic architecture. The shield is placed in front of the globe, to signify defending righteousness.

Golden swords, spears, bows and arrows are placed on either side of the shield and the globe.


Golden Wheat Spikes and Palm Frond

Three spikes of wheat are placed on the right of the shield, while a palm frond is placed on its left. They are attached to the ribbon of the Order of Al Nahda of the First Class.


Order of Al Nahda of the First Class

The medal is suspended from the center of the ribbon, which is joined to the base of the wheat spikes and the palm frond.


Yellow Ribbon

Placed across the ribbon of the Order of Al Nahda of the First Class, a yellow ribbon with three phrases stitched on its three parts, as follows:

  • On the Right Side (left for the viewer): “Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein bin Aoun” (Aoun is the great-grandfather of Sharif Hussein bin Ali).
  • At the Centre: “King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”.
  • On the Left Side (right for the viewer): “Who seeks God’s blessings and guidance”.