Ambassador Annab Meets With Mayors from MIYAGI Prefecture

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February 10, 2023


2月10日(金)リーナ・アンナーブ Lina Annab 大使は、宮城県内の市町長、環境省の代表者、NGOや民間企業の関係者をお迎えし、文化・観光関連分野での今後の二国間協力・交流の展望について、非常に有意義な議論を交わしました。この会合では、観光客誘致や二国間交流を促進するための未開拓の可能性が広範囲にわたり協議されました。



On Friday February 10th Ambassador Lina Annab welcomed a group of mayors from Miyagi Prefecture, representatives of the Tohoku Regional Environmental Affairs Office (Ministry of the Environment) and members from non-governmental and private sector entities. An fruitful discussion took place with prospects for future bilateral cooperation and exchanges in cultural and tourism-related fields. The meeting covered a wide area of untapped potential to encourage visitation and bilateral exchanges. One immediate area is the current development taking place on Michinoku Coastal Trail, a hiking trail that runs more than 1,000km along Tohoku’s eastern coastline. The Michinoku Coastal Trail was spearheaded by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment in 2012 in collaboration with local government agencies and NPOs with the aim of revitalising affected coastal communities, bringing hope back to the region and promoting sustainability.

The meeting is a continuation of a series of meetings aimed at building bridges of friendship and deeper understanding between Jordan and Japan.