Ambassador Annab Participates in a Symposium in Kushiro in HOKKAIDO

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February 2023

On Saturday February 4, 2023 Ambassador Lina Annab delivered a talk at a symposium in Kushiro organised by the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau (Ministry of Labor, Infrastructure and Tourism) and the Ministry of Environment. During her visit to Eastern Hokkaido, ambassador Annab met with a number of mayors from the area where they explored venues of future bilateral cooperation. In particular collaboration along Hokkaido’s recently launched project aimed at empowering local communities through tourism and cultural exchanges. The project in question aims at creating a cultural trail (almost 375 kilometers) connecting three major national parks in the breathtakingly beautiful eastern part of Hokkaido:

1- Shiretoko National Park

2- Akan-Mashu NationalPark and

3- Kushiroshitsugen National Park.

The eastern part of Hokkaido is abundant with stunning nature and wildlife, as well as hot springs known as Onsen. The most famous icon in this area is probably the beloved red-crowned crane “Tanchou”, considered to be among the rarest cranes in the world. They are also revered as a symbol of luck, longevity, and fidelity.

Eastern Hokkaido is also an area where a large number of Ainu communities are found adding to its the richness and depth of the culture and heritage.


2月4日(土)、リーナ・アンナーブ Lina Annab 大使が釧路で開催された北海道運輸局(国土交通省)・環境省主催のシンポジウムで講演を行いました。アンナーブ大使は道東を訪問中、多くの道内市長村長と会談し、今後の二国間協力の可能性について協議しました。