Marking The Jordan-Japan 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations With Moriya City in Ibaraki Prefecture

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Saturday March 2, 2024:  Ambassador Lina Annab delivered on Saturday March 2nd a talk at Moriya City in Ibaraki Prefecture.  Over 100 attendees were present at the meeting that was organized upon the request of Moriya International Friendship Association (MIFA), and the Honorable Mr. OGAWA Issei, member of Ibaraki Prefectural Assembly and the Chairman of MIFA.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary, Ambassador Annab highlighted the solid and friendly relations that bond Jordan and Japan.  Annab stressed on the shared goal of expanding people-to-people diplomacy, aiming to develop robust relations with Ibaraki. Notably, the upcoming EXPO 2025 serves as another pivotal moment for joint programs and collaborative initiatives.

In her address, Ambassador Annab extended an invitation to the attendees, expressing her hope that the meeting would inspire them to visit Jordan. She emphasized her objective of bolstering ties with Ibaraki, aspiring to witness an increase in Jordanian visitors to the region.

The presentation encompassed various topics, starting with a brief introduction followed by an overview of the relations between Jordan and Ibaraki. It delved into general information about Jordan, its rich history, delectable cuisine, and culinary cultural similarities shared with Japan. The discussion also touched upon lesser-known facts about the Jordan.

A significant highlight of the relations with Ibaraki was the signing of a friendship agreement between Ibaraki’s hiking trail, Hitachi no Kuni, and Jordan Trail last October. Ambassador Annab expressed Jordan’s keenness to broaden and deepen its relations with Ibaraki across multiple sectors, including education, agriculture, technology, and tourism.

Drawing from personal experiences, Ambassador Annab shared her fondness for Ibaraki, describing it as one of her favorite vacation destinations in Japan. She lauded the region as one of Japan’s best-kept secrets, boasting diverse and breathtaking natural landscapes, such as scenic spots, mountains, coastlines, rivers, waterfalls, and historical sites. Moreover, she highlighted the opportunity to immerse oneself in authentic experiences that showcases local lifestyle and culture of mountainside villages while enjoying some of the best Japanese traditional cuisine that Ibaraki has to offer from its abundant fruit and vegetable harvests to the diverse and exceptional seafood.

Following the presentation, a reception was held where views on deepening and strengthening relations were exchanged paving the way for future exchanges and collaboration.



2024年3月2日土曜日  リーナ・アンナーブ大使は3月2日(土)、茨城県守谷市にて講演を行った。 茨城県議会議員で守谷国際交流協会(MIFA)会長の小川一成氏の要請により開催されたこの会合には、およそ100名の出席者が集まった。

70周年を記念して、アンナーブ大使はヨルダンと日本を結ぶ強固で友好的な関係について触れ、 茨城県との更なる関係の発展を目指し、人と人との外交を拡大するという共通の目標を強調した。特に、来たる2025年の万博は、共同プログラムや共同イニシアティブにとって、もうひとつの極めて重要な瞬間となる。