Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan Hosts a Lunch Meeting With Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko

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October 4, 2023

On October 4th, Ambassador Lina ANNAB participated along with members of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan in hosting a lunch meeting with Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko.

The meeting included candid discussions focusing on future cooperation between Japan and Arab countries. Topics included the promotion of economic relations, support for startup initiatives, and joint efforts in tackling climate change. Additionally, participants delved into regional issues, including the Middle East Peace process and refugee concerns. Attendees expressed their gratitude for Japan’s enduring support to the Arab world.

Minister KAMIKAWA elaborated on potential collaborations in critical areas such as energy security, the vision of transforming the Middle East into a global hub for clean energy and vital minerals, and the entry of Japanese companies into the Arab market. She reaffirmed Japan’s resolve to contribute to regional peace and stability, including addressing the Palestinian issue.