Enhancing Collaboration on the Michinoku Coastal Trail

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October 27, 2023

Upon the invitation of Mayor YAMADA Shiro of Natori City, Ambassador Lina ANNAB joined him, a team from the Ministry of Environment, and members from the Michinoku Coastal Trail Club for their annual inspection of Iwate Prefecture’s Michinoku Coastal Trail sections.

The visit, which took place  on October 25-26 included stops in key municipalities such as Noda village, Kuji City, Iwaizumi-town and Yamada-town. During the visit promoting venues of cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between Jordan and Japan were discussed, in addition to engaging with local communities, the Ministry of Environment, and the Michinoku Trail Club.

The Michinoku Coastal Trail, a crucial recovery project initiated after the 2011 Great East Japan triple disasters, now spans over 1000 kilometers and crosses 29 municipalities, serving as a testament to the region’s resilience.

Participants agreed to continue such meetings, further strengthening the cooperation between Jordan and Japan while focusing on the ongoing recovery and revitalization efforts. The Michinoku Coastal Trail remains a symbol of Tohoku’s enduring spirit and collaboration, which is also hoped to extend across international borders.

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