Forging Collaboration in Eco-Tourism and Local Community-Based Development Between Jordan and Japan

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November 2, 2023

Ambassador Lina ANNAB and Japan’s Minister of Environment, Shintaro ITO,  met on November 2nd to discuss opportunities for mutual collaboration, focusing on eco-tourism and local community development initiatives. Mayor of Ishinomaki, MR. Masami SAITO, also joined the meeting, providing valuable insights.

Minister ITO expressed interest in cooperation between Jordan and some of the projects currently overseen by the Ministry such as the Michinoku Coastal Trail.  Minister ITO highlighted that Michinoku will be marking its 5th anniversary in 2024.  Ambassador ANNAB proposed holding a jo joint event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Jordan and Japan and the 5th anniversary of this pioneering national initiative.

Both Jordan and Japan recognize the importance of collaborating in the fields of eco-tourism for regional revitalization and tourism. The collaboration aims to promote cultural exchange, fostering harmony and peace across cultures.

Furthermore, this partnership underscores the significance of environmental responsibility and sustainability, with an emphasis on the socio-economic benefits of eco-tourism.

The meeting between Ambassador ANNAB and Minister ITO marks a promising step towards future cooperation between Jordan and Japan.  It also showcases the potential of such collaborations to promote cultural exchanges, knowledge transfer and know how in environmental sustainability, benefiting both Jordan and Japan.