Jordan at The Japan Grand Prix (JGP) International Orchid and Flower show

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Feb 12-14, 2020.

HEIWA 平和 سلام

Jordan was among six countries selected this year to participate with a table display at The Japan Grand Prix (JGP) International Orchid and Flower show held in Tokyo, one of the world’s biggest festivals for flowers and plants.

Jordan’s message through our table display was “HEIWA” meaning peace in Japanese.

Peace has been and will always be our loud and clear message to the world, and the guiding light that leads our beautiful peaceful country Jordan in everything we do.

The Exhibition was officiated by Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado who is a great supporter of this Show and has been attending it since its third year in 1993.

The following is our appreciation and welcoming note to the organizers of the Show as well as to its visitors who are expected to view our table display during their visit.

“HEIWA…Keeping Peace With Nature”


Congratulations to JGP International Orchid and Flower Show on celebrating its 30th anniversary and on its first show in the REIWA era. We in Jordan are delighted to be part of this special celebration.

Jordan is a relatively small country, almost the size of Hokkaido, with a stunningly rich and diverse nature. Thanks to its small geographical area, visitors are able to enjoy the beauty of Jordan’s four different bio-geographical natural zones with their varied flora and fauna within short distances and span of time adding an unforgettable dimension to their experience. There are 2500 recorded florae within Jordan’s eco-system, out of which there are 24 types of orchids.

In keeping with the spirit of the time, we selected the theme HEIWA meaning peace or Salam in Arabic. The call for peace comes at a time when the world is witnessing the tragic devaluing of its natural resources and ecosystems at an alarming rate. 

The peaceful unity of orchids and the bonsai, two of Japan’s renowned plants, reminds us of the love, beauty and strength that orchids evoke in us, combined with the peace and harmony embodied in the bonsai tree. A powerful reminder of our moral and ethical obligation to safeguard the sanctity of being one with nature.

Jordan is committed to conserving nature and to protecting Jordan’s natural resources through set regulations and other concrete measures such as establishing nature reserves and protected areas.” (End)

A special thanks goes out to all the wonderful friends who helped us put this together.

Mr & Mrs Yamada from Seikouen

Calligrapher Mrs Suikei Saito 

Mr Koji EJIRI of Suwada Orchids Nursery in Chiba and the Deputy Secretary General of JGP

All the wonderful team at Tokyo Dome 

My dear friend Ms. Takako Tsuchiya for her patience and great support.

And last but not least our sincere thanks to all our wonderful Japanese friends who delighted us with their presence with us today. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu🙏


JoEmbassy Jpn