“Lest We Forget” and “Tiny Souls” Featured in Hagi City – YAMAGUCHI Prefecture

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November 22, 2022
Shining a light on the special relation between As-Salt city in Jordan and Hagi City in Yamaguchi.
Following the successful opening on Sunday November 20th of Jordan’s special photo and film event “Lest We Forget” and “Tiny Souls”, the visiting Jordanian team who arrived in Hagi City on Saturday November 19th, accompanied by HRH Princess Raiyah Bint Al-Hussein held a series of meetings with Hagi City officials and local community leaders. The meetings are in line with the ongoing efforts to deepen and strengthen existing decade-long relations between Hagi City and As-Salt City in Jordan.
Meetings were held with the Mayor of Hagi City Mr. TANAKA Fumio and members of the City Council. Upon arriving to the City Hall, all staff members waived Jordan flags as they welcomed the visiting team from Jordan. Haginyan, Hagi City famous cat mascot was also among the welcoming group at HAGI City Hall. At the beginning of the meeting Mayor TANAKA welcomed HRH Princcess Raiyah and her husband Mr. Ned Donovan, and the Embassy team. Future issues of mutual interest were discussed aimed at developing relations between both Hagi City and As-Salt.
Another meeting was held with Junior and senior high school students of Hagi Koen Gakuin where students gave an overview and a presentation of their High School. The presentation was followed by a speech by Princess Raiyah on the culture of Jordan, which Included a short promotional movie.
We are excited for the great producers of them building in the rich that exist between Hagi and As-Salt and we look forward to many exciting joint events and exchanges in the future.
11月20日(日)に開催されたヨルダンの特別写真・映画上映会「Lest We Forget」「タイニーソウルズ」の成功に続き、11月19日(土)ラーイヤ・ビント・アル・フセイン王女に伴い萩市に到着したヨルダン訪問団は、萩市職員や地元のコミュニティリーダーと一連のミーティングを実施しました。今回の会談は、萩市とヨルダンのアズ・サルト市との10年来の関係を深め、強化するための継続的な取り組みに沿ったものです。