“ Tiny Souls ” Movie Screening at Yamanashi Gakuin University

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April 16th 2021

After 3 successful screening of “Tiny Souls” by Jordanian director Dina Naser in Tokyo, Noshiro and Yamanashi, an additional screening took place at Yamanashi Gakuin University.

The screening took place at the Seeds Theatre of Yamanashi Gakuin University (YGU) on April 16th and was attended by more than 50 students and local residents. Opening remarks at the movie were delivered by Mr. Tatsumi Akita (Deputy President of YGU) and H.E. Lina Annab (Ambassador of Jordan) during which she focused on the Syrian refugees crisis and its impact on Jordan. The screening was followed by an open discussion with Ambassador Annab.

On the same day and prior to the screening event, a working lunch was hosted by YGU President Mr. FURUYA Koji and attended by senior administrative and faculty members of the University. During this meeting various venues of cooperation were discussed and explored.

“Tiny Souls” movie (with Japanese subtitles) features the real story of a Syrian refugee family in Zaatari Camp, the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world, located north of Jordan and few kilometers away from the Syrian border.

The movie tells the story of three Syrian children and their mother who fled from Syria to Jordan seeking shelter and safe haven. The story chronicles the daily lives of Marwa and her younger sister Ayah and brother Mahmoud in Zaatari Camp. At some point the children take part in filming the movie with a camera Naser gave them to film themselves. The result is an emotional account of a family in pain charged with resilient and nostalgic feelings manifested in a deep yearning for normal life back in their country and home.

Over the coming months, there are plans to screen the movie in other cities of Japan.

Also, the Embassy and YGU are currently working on deepening the academic cooperation between YGU and Jordanian Universities.

* Promo video: 【ハイライト動画】 2021.04.16 ヨルダン映画祭・写真展 – YouTube





上映は4月16日、山梨学院大学シーズシアターで行われ、50人以上の学生や地域住民が参加しました。 上映会では、秋田副学長とリーナ・アンナーブ駐日ヨルダン大使は、シリア難民危機とそのヨルダンへの影響に焦点を当てたスピーチを行いました。上映後には、アンナーブ大使と参加者の間でのオープンディスカッションが行われました。

同日、上映イベントに先立ち、大使は山梨学院大学学長の古屋浩司氏とのワーキングランチに参加し、そこに山梨学院大学の役員および教職員が同席しました。 この会議では、ヨルダンと山梨学院大学のもつ、さまざまな分野における協力の可能性について議論されました。


この映画は、安全な避難所を求めてシリアからヨルダンに逃げた 3 人のシリア人の子供とその母親の物語です。 物語は、ザータリ難民キャンプでのマルワと妹のアヤ、弟のマフムードの日常を記録しています。 一部のシーンでは、子供たちが、ナーセル監督に与えられたカメラで映画の撮影に参加します。 この映画は、この家族の現実への哀愁感と辛抱強くシリアへの帰郷を望む切実な姿を捉えています。


プロモーションビデオはこちらから: 【ハイライト動画】 2021.04.16 ヨルダン映画祭・写真展 – YouTube