Opening of Global City Network for Sustainability (G-Nets)

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February 28, 2023
The first ever “Global City Network for Sustainability (G-Nets) Mayors Summit” was officially opened in Tokyo on Tuesday February 28, 2023.
G-Nets is a network launched by Governor KOIKE Yuriko and Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG).
The network is intended to serve as a forum for cities to meet and discuss how to solve the common challenges we face from various angles and all levels. This includes working level staff, senior officials and mayors/governors. The network will also inspire the creation of policies that will forge a bright future.
Director of the City in the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Mr. Ahmad Malkawi represented Jordan in this important and timely Forum.

Deputy Chief of Mission Rasheed Arekat and Counsellor Mohammad Lutfi Al Khalidi attended the opening ceremony.

About G-Nets: