PM Al Khasawneh Meets with Japan-Jordan Parliamentary Friendship League

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Tokyo, Monday February 19, 2024: Prime Minister held a meeting on Monday February 19 with the Chairman of the Japanese-Jordanian Parliamentary Friendship League, TANAKA Kuzunori, and members of the committee, where Al-Khasawneh thanked the committee’s contributions to strengthening bilateral Jordanian-Japanese relations.

Al-Khasawneh stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation relations between the legislative institutions in Jordan and Japan and exchanging visits and expertise to serve the relations of the two countries, which extend for 70 years.

Al Khasawneh pointed out the importance of enhancing cultural exchange, educational programs and initiatives that would increase the rapprochement between the two friendly peoples.

In turn, the Chairman of the Japanese-Jordanian Parliamentary Friendship League stressed the important role played by the committee in strengthening Jordanian parliamentary relations in many fields.

H.E. Mr. TANAKA pointed out that the committee includes members of Japan’s lower house  and ministers as members, and that the committee is keen to maintain cooperation and coordination between the Jordan and Japan in various areas issues of common interest.